LinkedIn For Business – Getting Started

If you thought LinkedIn was still only a place to put your CV then think again. LinkedIn has been evolving over the years and so has the way it’s used. There can be amazing opportunities to be found on the platform if you know how to use it in the right way. So where do […]

Hiring Employees from the EU after Brexit Transition

Do you hire employees from the EU? If you do, it’s important that you’re aware of the changes being made in 2021, which will come into effect once the Brexit transition period comes to an end. From 1 January 2021, free movement will end and the UK will introduce a points-based immigration system. This new […]

10 Steps to Starting your own Business

We have spoken to many people over the last month who are looking to set up a new business.  Some have sadly been made redundant and are looking to build a business for themselves at home, others are looking to create a new business alongside employed work and for others they are looking for a […]

Starting a new business or looking for a freelancer?

The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a very unsettling time for everyone.  Whilst some people have been able to carry on working from home in as normal a way as possible, for many others it has been a lot harder.  Some work just can’t be done from home, particularly if you are a key worker. The […]

How to Get Your Website Noticed

You’ve built your website. What next? The next steps you take should be focused on getting people to find you and start using your website and building traffic and business. How to get your website noticed, both by Google and by potential customers When planning how to get your website noticed, keep the following in […]

Facebook Group Rules: Group Management Tips

As a Facebook business page owner, you are able to create or join groups within Facebook. Facebook state that creating a group from your business page can allow you to ‘connect with customers and supporters in a more private forum’ and have conversations ‘around a common interest related to your business’. You can also join […]

How to Claim an Unmanaged Facebook Page

As a business owner you may or may not choose to create a business Facebook page. Whichever you decide, you may find that someone else, totally unconnected to your business, creates a page about your business. This is known as an unmanaged or unofficial Facebook page. Why do unmanaged Facebook pages exist? Facebook state two […]

How To Change Your Twitter Handle And Keep Your Followers

Your Twitter handle (also known as your username) is the name that appears after the @ sign. It also appears at the end of your Twitter URL. Getting your Twitter handle right is important because it is what users will use to communicate with you – whether that be @ mentions or direct messages. It […]

Top Ten Tips on How to Work from Home Productively

The current lockdown we have in place in the UK due to the Coronavirus pandemic means that lots of people are working from home, perhaps for the first time. It’s likely this situation will continue for three months or more, perhaps even up to six months. With this in mind, we thought it might be […]