How to Claim an Unmanaged Facebook Page

As a business owner you may or may not choose to create a business Facebook page.

Whichever you decide, you may find that someone else, totally unconnected to your business, creates a page about your business.

This is known as an unmanaged or unofficial Facebook page.

Why do unmanaged Facebook pages exist?

Facebook state two key reasons why unmanaged Facebook pages exist:

  1. If someone checks into a place which doesn’t have a page (e.g. a shop or restaurant), an unmanaged page is created to represent the location.
  2. Pages can be created from a Wikipedia page

Instagram also state that if you create a business account on Instagram, but do no connect it to Facebook page, then an unmanaged Facebook page is automatically created. The aim of which is to allow people to find and check in to your business.

These pages effectively become placeholders for locations which appear not to have a managed Facebook business page.

How do you find unmanaged Facebook pages?

The best way to look for an unmanaged Facebook business page is to perform a search within Facebook using your business name.

If you search for your business’s name you will see all of the listings which appear, and you will be able to identify if any of these pages relate to your business.

Why should you claim unmanaged Facebook listings?

Having unmanaged or unofficial Facebook pages about your business can be detrimental for a number of reasons:

  1. It can be confusing for users to know which page is the correct one for your business
  2. They can be a source of incorrect information
  3. These pages, if listed in directories, can compete for SEO rankings and take attention away from your official page
  4. Customer feedback can be left on these pages. If you are not aware that the page exists, you are not able to respond to the feedback or address any issues or concerns customers may have
  5. All of these can be bad for the image of your brand. Particularly so if negative feedback is left


How do you claim an unmanaged page and remove duplicates?

If a Facebook page is unmanaged, you will see ‘Unofficial Page’ written below the cover photo.

  1. Underneath the cover photo there should be an option which states ‘Is this your Business’
  2. Click this and then follow the onscreen instructions to either claim or merge the page

Facebook mention that you may need to provide details to confirm that you are in fact related to the business to whom the unmanaged page refers and that you have the right to claim/merge the page with your own.

Take a look at these more detailed instructions on how to merge 2 Facebook pages

How do you monitor new accounts which may appear?

Again, the best way to keep an eye on new unmanaged pages which may appear is to run regular searches on Facebook to see if any other listings which relate to your business appear. You can then go through the steps outlined above to claim/merge and remove duplicates.

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