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The Coronavirus Pandemic has been a very unsettling time for everyone.  Whilst some people have been able to carry on working from home in as normal a way as possible, for many others it has been a lot harder.  Some work just can’t be done from home, particularly if you are a key worker.

The Impact of Coronavirus on Businesses & Individuals

In a bid to save as many jobs as possible the Government introduced the Furlough scheme, which companies have been able to use, meaning that people have had some security over the hard months.  However, it is anticipated that as that scheme comes to an end later this year, it could lead to high levels of unemployment as businesses may not be back to normal and still may not be able to afford to keep staff on.

The uncertain times has led to more businesses using freelancers and more people thinking about starting their own business.  You may have been furloughed, sadly lost your job or decided that you want a better work/life balance. You may feel confident that you have the skills to go it alone and that now could be a great time.

It can be quite daunting and this is where we can help. We can work with you to help you get started. Brainstorming ideas, helping to define and create your brand identity and positioning, creating impactful branding and a simple but effective website to help promote your business, defining your target audience and how you should target them. Bouncing ideas off other people is a great way to define what you want to achieve.

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Looking for a Marketing Freelancer?

You may run a business and have had to furlough staff or you may want to make your business more digital in order to have a better online presence. We can help. Now may not be the right time to recruit new staff so why not use us at ACES Marketing in an ad-hoc or freelance basis.

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Whatever your business, whether it is established or new, we can help set you up for success with tailored support that matches your objectives and your budget.  We work with many clients and have delivered great results, why not read our testimonials.

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