Giving all our clients a personal service is important to us

It’s been a busy couple of weeks at ACES Marketing for the whole team. Amanda and I have both been spending time with some of our clients – we meet with them regularly to discuss ongoing marketing activity and assess the success of this. Most of our clients outsource all their marketing to us, we see ourselves as an integral part of their management teams and it’s important to meet regularly and stay close to what’s going on within their businesses.

That ethos runs through our whole team. Our designer, Spencer, is currently out in Jersey with a client. He’s been invited to an awards ceremony with them because the work he did for them helped to present a compelling story to the judging panel. I’m sure he’ll be having a great time, regardless of whether he returns victorious or not!

We run a transparent operation. No smoke and mirrors here. All our specialists are comfortable and confident dealing direct with our clients. Whether that’s Abra explaining some of the technical nitty gritty behind the “dark art” of SEO or Clare interviewing one of their experts to create some insightful content for their website and social channels.

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We have fun too. We genuinely enjoy working together as a team and respect the knowledge and expertise that we each bring to the table. That’s not to say we don’t work hard. We do and we’ll pull out all the stops to deliver what our clients need (as long as it’s within our capabilities of course).

Talking of fun, next week we’re hosting a tea party to help raise awareness of Guillain-Barre syndrome on behalf of our client, GAIN charity. Cake baking isn’t what you’d expect to fall within the role of a marketing consultancy but that’s what’s on our “to do” list over the next few days. And that goes for all of us, including Spencer. So as soon as your plane touches down, we want to see you in your kitchen with your sleeves rolled up and some delicate fancies popped in the oven!

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